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How to track your lead cost.

How to track your Closer activity


How to track your lead cost.

How to track your Closer activity


Why prospects have lots of objections.

Why your sales script isn’t working.Why you can’t close the deals consistently.


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Working with the Closer Secrets team has been a game-changer for me. As a marketer, the hardest part of every business is always to turn the prospecting leads into customers. Randall’s approach to sales has been proven to be extremely effective. Not only is it customizable and fits all industries, but it’s also very unique and efficient. I highly recommend working with the Closer Secrets team.

-Jason Burlin

CEO/Founder, Burlin Digital

Since hiring Closers Secrets to revamp my sales floor, the most troubled department of my coaching business quickly transformed into my primary profit center. Randall, Deborah and their superstar team made it happen in less than a year with minimal participation on my part. I only wish I had met them sooner.”

-Matt Theriault

CEO/Founder, Epic Real Estate