about Randall


With over 15,000 hours of phone time under his belt, Randall realizes there is no perfect script.

There is only the execution of the play….and the process.

That’s why he has created a Vince Lombardi style playbook…

High Ticket Sales Accelerator Course and also offers high-level consulting.

Having the right game plan in place is the key to closing more high ticket sales.

He has sold tens of millions of dollars over the phone for some of the world’s foremost influential marketers.

Randall has been in the trenches representing companies like Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels. He has put in the work and understands it’s 100% about the game plan. 

Randall has been in the trenches representing companies like Russel Brunson of Clickfunnels. He has put in the work and understands it’s 100% about the game plan. 

He has also had the privilege to work with Frank Kern, Anki Singal, Jared Goetz, Keale Kanae, Josh Harris, Lee Haight, and Dan Henry.

Millions Sold

He has sold tens of millions

of dollars over the phone

He has put together a team of Grateful Closers who have over a hundred years of combined experience and have closed well into the 9-figures over the phone. He does it all with keeping the customer and client in mind. 

He knows that selling is not about boiler room and pressure, but bridging the gap for the people he is working with. In order to reach any level of success in the sales industry, you need to change your focus. 

It’s about changing people’s lives. Do the survey and find a solution.

Come from a place of truth. Understand the facts. See the reality that is in front of you. Find the purpose and present solutions. 

Randall is not only a top-notch sales closer, business consultant, author, and speaker…he is a true leader. He is known for being a master of his craft and forever grateful for the opportunities that he has had and is yet to come. He is truly proud of the service he is providing, and the community he is building. He is truly a Grateful Closer.

9 Figures

Team has sold 9 figures +

over the phone

Family Man. 

Lives in Boise Id, with his beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids.

Randall’s Books

“The ‘Ultimate Playbook’ for High Performing Sales Teams.” 

How to Create A Seamless Sales Process, Scale Your Team,

And Deliver World Class Experience To Your Clients.

In  “The ‘Ultimate Playbook’ for High Performing Sales Teams.”, Randall Grizzle and Deborah Burris share the unique system they have developed to :

  1. Develop a seamless sales process to close more deals 
  2. Find, train, and keep high quality closers 
  3. Foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture that keeps the team motivated and energized.

This book helps sales managers and sales professionals alike. Every business owner, influencer, coach or sales professional that wants to help more people and make a difference in the world with what they sell, needs this playbook. 

Learn It – Do It!


Learn the techniques that have closed thousands of high-ticket sales, generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue

Closer Secrets is the answer to turning your leads into paying customers

The easiest way to do that is to have a game plan from start to finish, so that you’ll be able to ask people to commit to the product or service you’re presenting.

In the book, I show you exactly how to set up YOUR game plan, so that every sales conversation you have from now on is not a random, uncontrolled sales call, but instead one that you have complete certainty and intention over.

Look at What Our Clients Say

“Working with the Closer Secrets team has been a game-changer for me. As a marketer, the hardest part of every business is always to turn the prospecting leads into customers. Randall’s approach to sales has been proven to be extremely effective. Not only is it customizable and fits all industries, but it’s also very unique and efficient. I highly recommend working with the Closer Secrets team.”

-Jason Burlin

CEO/Founder, Burlin Digital

“Randall, Deborah, Val, and the team at Closer Secrets are World-Class. They don’t mess around, and they basically take everything off your plate when it comes to running a successful sales organization. They recruit the best talent, they organize that talent, they motivate that talent, and they track and scoreboard all the numbers to hold everyone accountable. They aren’t the cheapest & they don’t work with everyone but they are incredible to work with and we have been blessed to meet and work with them for a long time now.”

-Kale Abrahamson

CEO, Nine University